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The Color Lab

   The Color Lab specializes in Artful wall finishes for Residential and Commercial spaces. This includes Murals, Logos, Pattern Walls, Custom Painted 'Wall Paper', Wall Glazing, Custom Fine Art, European Plasters, Art Restoration, Faux Bois (Wood Graining), Gilding (Metal Leafing), Striae and more. For everybody's health and peace of mind, we use all low or zero VOC paint.


Artist/Owner Jackie Calvert

   A California native, Jackie learned the art of Professional Decorative Painting in 1999 while living in San Diego. Over the years she has learned to master her skills with a brush and trowel and strives to keep her designs fresh, breathing new life into a room and always reflecting the style of her clients.  Jackie grew up drawing and painting and Art in many forms has always been a major part of her life. She studied Fine Art and learned to sculpt and weld at SUNY Delhi in NY. She traveled the world studying Monastery Murals and manuscript printing in Tibet, Photography in New Zealand and European Plasters in Dublin. She lives with her family in Denver where she enjoys making art, yoga, holistic nutrition, hunting for vintage furniture and going on adventures.

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